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A Brief Introduction to the Philosophy of Information

TitleA Brief Introduction to the Philosophy of Information
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBeavers, AF
Publication Languageeng

At the core of the philosophy of information is the ‘ti esti’ question that inaugurated several branches of philosophy from Plato onwards. Just what is information? The term is undoubtedly vague and still an important part of the modern linguistic landscape. We live in the "informationage," we read "information" in the papers, we can gather "information" on, say, the salt gradients of the currents in the Pacific Ocean, and we can talk about the amount of "information" that can be delivered over a wireless connection. Yet, as several philosophers have pointed out, we can scarcely say precisely what the term means. Given that it is also used differently across different fields of study (biology, communications, computer science, economics, mathematics, etc.), it is a hallmark of the philosophy of information to undertake this clarifying task, if the term "infor-mation" is to be informative at all. So, first and foremost, this research area examines the term in its multiplicity of meanings and clarifies its many uses.

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